The World Acceptance Foundation strives to make a contribution in the matter of acceptance and inclusion of all people, by way of deploying the following activities:

The World Acceptance Foundation strives to make a positive contribution to acceptance of all people, regardless their age, race, religion, physical capacity, mental capacity, sexual orientation or identity. This positive contribution consists of developing educational material, providing shelter programs, and stimulating collaboration betweenlocal charities and organizations.

We cannot change the world on our own. We need you to show everyone you care about Acceptance and Inclusion. We do this via loyalty platforms where the consumer gets a discount and a local charity gets a kickback to fund their projects of inclusion and acceptance.

Do you know of any local charity involved with diversity and integration, that could need some financial aid or attention for their good cause. Please, drop us a mail and let us know!


Support Education Programs

The World Acceptance Foundation is convinced that providing information and education creates the opportunity for acceptance and inclusion, because only then a lot of prejudice and biased opinions can be taken away. For that matter, the foundation will put in great effort in distributing and developing educational material for primary-and secondary schools about diversity and discrimination

Shelter and Coaching Programs:

The goal of the World Acceptance Foundation is to start up shelters and coaching programs for people who have been expelled from their family, community and surroundings because they are different for example when they announced to be homosexual, or got involved with someone from a different race or religion. Just imagine what could happen if these people had a place to go to. A place where they find shelter and psychological support to enhance their self-esteem and find their way in the world again.

Stimulate collaboration

The World Acceptance Foundation has the ambition to make the world a better place, but is fully aware it cannot be done on it’s own. Besides, a lot of charities and organizations are already very involved in the issues of inclusion, diversity, integration and acceptance so we look forward to collaborate with them, and provide an online platform where they can present their good work and ask for support or donations.

The World Acceptance Foundation has the aim to improve acceptance and inclusion for all. We want to achieve a beter World.

We can do this via contribution of 5% of the profit made by the World Acceptance Group BV and 5% of their membership fee which is donated to local charities.

World Acceptance Foundation is a non profit foundation recognized by the Dutch government and which donates money from loyalty platforms build by the World Acceptance Group or their via partners.

These partners can be charitable organizations that receive a kickback of their private contributors our platforms and local charitable organizations that receive donations from our foundation to do charitable work in the field of acceptance and inclusion.

Current charities World Acceptance Foundation donate to are The Harvey Milk Foundation, Het National Ouderen fonds and Challenge Day


World Acceptance Foundation
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