A lot going on these days in the  LGBT community related to movie and media. In Amsterdam the ‘Pink Movie’-days are up and running and very succesfull! The opening weekend attracted 2900 people, 35% more then last year. These moviedays will last till 25th of March and everybody is looking forward to the premiere of ‘I am Gay and Muslim’.

Right after the Dutch Pink Moviedays, London is getting on with the Lesbian & Gay Film Festival (25th of March untill 1st of April). A preview of this event is given right here. It’s good to see that there’s still room for LGBT-movies in several places around the world.

Last ‘good to know’ tip on movieland is the release of Eating Out: The Open Weekend from the original comedy series. Althought this sitcom is not known anywhere (i.e Europe), it’s release on DVD and Blu Ray makes it available for everybody. So watch the trailer here and buy it somewhere online! LGBT people belong to every day life and therefor in every day media as well!

GLAAD is constantly supporting LGBT’s to be open en (pr)OUT in media. Not in the last place for colored people, who seem to suffer even more from discrimination. If we want us to be accepted, let people know us. Let people know you! Because you’re worth it. And no… that’s not just another hollow slogan… #acceptancenow!