One of the special strengths what made men survive (and many other species as well) is the fact that we can have our imagination. By this we can plan before we act, seeing the bigger picture in combined activities and can delegate our actions, by explaining our intentions.

The funny thing is, the more diversity you will have in a group, the better you can approach questions and obstacles, what will make the chance to be successful almost a one hundred percent.

To study these principles, we can take a look into (team) sports. Almost none of the victories of your favorite sports club would have take place, without combining the strengths of coaches, players, medical advisors etcetera.

Yet at the same time, the sports industries, is one of the most traditional, rigid institutes of all time. In the Netherlands, one of our most famous football analytic, advised our professional soccer players, to stay in the closet. In other countries, people are banned from specific sports activities because of skin color, religion, or the simple fact of being a woman.

Now, with the upcoming Olympics in mind, we may have to reconsider the traditional value of this huge event. Participate is more important than winning. Participating is meaning that you’ll accept your competitors for who they are, celebrate victory with minds alike and joining the biggest multi cultural gathering in history.

And I would like to add a small phrase as well. If you truly believe in sports, Olympic values and equality; consider the power of sports as a tool to get united as well. Make your colored teammate feel welcome and safe, maybe even safe enough to honor his God’s at certain points of time. Let your homosexual goal getter know that he’s just a great asset to the team, not a treat towards your muscularity. Explain your plains twice; if you have the feeling language may be a barrier. But most of all… Enjoy sports… Together!