Within a few days, the European Championship Football will start in Poland and Ukraine. Millions of people will support their national team, most of them behind the screen, but a fair amount will join their team either in Poland or Ukraine. Nothing ‘special’ so far.

Not only is the tournament a place to bond people by sports and nationalism, this tournament will be a very special occasion for Poland and Ukraine, towards their European participation. It’s clear that al lot of dignitaries from all over Europe will take a close look towards the organization of the tournament.

And that isn’t without any reason. There are sounds, that this tournament will be one of the least accepting ones in decades. Some families of English internationals, refused to come over with their families, because of feeling insecure. BBC made a documentary about the situation, which scared a lot of people who will be seen as ‘different’ within Poland and Ukraine.

Even more evident was the tension felt during Poland Gay Pride last week. It seems that the LGBT community would be better off, staying far away from the arenas.

It’s a pity, especially because a lot of Polish and Ukrainian immigrants in other European countries, know the feeling of ‘being different’. It would be a huge leap forwards, if Poland and Ukraine, could show the European Union, that it can be a different time. A time where immigrants feel safe and secure in every European country. Not being judged by their habits and believes.

We hope that at this tournament will be of great sportive challenges, but most of all of great sportive unifications as well. As the FIFA said many times before;  “My Game is Fair Play”