Every now and then, I feel very privileged. I’m living together with my same-sex partner, I’ve never been abused or even yelled at for it and I feel safe and comfortable in my country.

And also, I feel privileged that, despite of some hard times, in which I’m suffering with my health, there are still people believing in my talents an capabilities, giving me the opportunity to work and earn money.

But every now and then, I’m also wondering, if I should call this ‘privileged’, or that it should be a standard for all? Not only for me – since apparently I’m just a lucky girl, living in a free country and meeting the right persons – but for all of us who have something ‘different’ then any other.

And then again; what is ‘different’? What is ‘normal’, to be honest? I think, or at least believe and hope with all my heart, that in the end everybody has something ‘different’. Something ‘unique’ to be proud at. A talent that gives you opportunities. A background that makes you feel safe and appreciated. And I also hope that somewhere in this knowledge, this consciousness, that you also know, that ‘different’ is nothing more than ‘unique’. Sounds way better doesn’t it?

So let’s scrap ‘different’ from our dictionary and replace it with ‘unique’. Just only for one day. Even one hour, if you’re more comfortable with that. Give it a try and let me know what happened… Might be worth it…