We may not expect, but there still is a lot of difference – or to be honest, lack of equality – between men and women. Even in one of the most ‘independent’ countries in the world, The Netherlands, where open-marriages are normal and black and white work together at all instances, women still earn 18% less then their ‘equal’ male collegues. Quiet shocking, since this might only the top of the so called iceberg. Lower rates for women still accure in many other (Western) countries like Germany (22%) Austria (20%) and Sweden (19%). In Qatar women earn as much as 38% less then their male collegues

It’s hard to defend the nations political statements regarding other countries policies on equality, if even their own policies are not that strong at all. So here is my question to you; what do you – man, woman, black, pink or yellow – do, to achieve a little more equality next door. Are you the one to stop by your afro-american neighbour, giving hem/her a lift? Do you stand up on your work to plea for more equality, in earns, but also in career movement? Will you see every man as a person, equal to one another, but at the same time accept this person specific characteristics?

Equality is a big issue, which has to be approached by several organisations, both international, governmental and commercial, but it all starts with you. If we all make a little step towards equality, it will force a huge leap in society. Be part of it…

Image: DeviantArt